Our mission is to connect learning to life by matching students to opportunity across a lifetime of education decisions.

Robert White is author of blog – enthusiastic teacher, for more than two decades of teaching English at public high schools in Los Angeles. The purpose of Robert is simple. He wants the students to help get the right knowledge every day. is in the hands of a team you trust to provide expertise, simplicity, responsiveness and value for money. You have to trust they will listen and respond to your changing priorities because is now embedded across the curriculum. The right strategy can support the pedagogy of teachers so that technology can improve learning every day, but ineffective can result in a lack of confidence in your teachers and a lack of engagement from your learners.

Today, the fast pace of technological change means that flexibility is vital in any educational environment. What is even more vital is the partnership you have with your service provider. You need someone who can adapt with you and your school, push you to be at the forefront of innovation and provide trusted solutions that just work.

We believe…

  • If we make students aware of all the opportunities that are available to them, we can put them on a path towards finding ideal post-secondary and career options.
  • If we connect students with best-fit institutions, we can not only help institutions admit qualified applicants, but also improve the chances of success for every student.
  • If we help students engage with a connected, informed campus community, they will be able to finish what they start. helps students identify their strengths, explore careers, create academic plans, match to best-fit educational opportunities, and finish what they start. Through our solutions, we enable thousands of educational institutions to improve post-secondary and career planning, admissions and enrolment management, student success and advising for millions of students around the globe.