Help Your Kid to Compose a Review of a Book

What to Undertake

  1. To be able to write source reviews or book reviews, look for a few book templates of reviews. For instance, your favorite local magazine can turn out to be perfect sources; some magazines even publish reviews written by school students who attend middle or high school.
  2. Read several reviews of the book together with your kid and collectively select main elements that have to consist of:
  • A title and author of a particular book
  • A plot’s brief summary, which does not reveal too many details at once
  • Comments concerning strong and weak sides of this or that book
  • A personal response of a reviewer with particular examples in order to back up praise or critical remarks

  1. Assist the kid when choosing the appropriate book intended for review. It may be the book your child reads for fun or the book assigned in educational establishment. One good way to motivate interest and now experience a bit of fun connected with the task is always to choose an alternative variant for a conventional post teen novel such as photography book, picture book intended for children, or comic strip novel. This tip will provide you with a necessary help. Review writing can also be a pleasant thing to do together.
  2. Promote your kid to jot down notes when reading this or that book, so children are able to remember just what points he/she desires to complete a bit later or what certain quotes he/she might want to apply, supporting those points.
  3. Suggest that your kid outlines the review paper before composing with the usage of one paragraph for every single point he/she prefers to apply concerning the peculiar book. Your child should know how to write a review correctly.
  4. Some tips for a kid to bear in mind when being engaged in composing the review paper:
  • Can the book be considered as the one, which belongs to the genres of mystery or romance?
  • Can you name the pace and time of action? Does a writer make you feel that you are right there? Just how?
  • Can you say that you trust the protagonists? Are you familiar with people who are similar to them? Does a writer describe all of them appropriately?
  • Exactly what is the worst or the best in the writing style of an author?
  • Apply peculiar examples to back up your points, such depicting the scene that actually touched you or utilizing a few brief quotes. In case your child and you have trouble with this assignment, you can always address to review writing services. Reviews are the tasks, which can turn out to be pretty confusing to complete.
  • Do not forget to incorporate your viewpoint associated with this or that book, despite the fact you like or dislike it.
  1. Let the kid conduct the supporting research concerning an author. Data can comprise the biographies of an author, website for the publisher, personal website of an author, etc. Discovering information concerning the writer and learning what the other books he/she can have composed may truly add context to the review paper. Nevertheless, you can take into account the paper review service option in case of the urgent necessity. Nevertheless, do not consider this option as your only possible way out of the situation. Weigh all pros and contras and then make a decision. If you decide to contact one of the writing companies, it is better to prepare yourself at first; it means you need to find out all important information about this organization to be sure that it is the place one can rely upon. For example, you might try this service:

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